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Meetings and Events

Please find the various upcoming (and past) events advertised below.


Final Meeting "Hands-on Presentations", March 5, 2015

aln linseThe final meeting of our priority program Active Micro-optics will reveal the fruits of six years of excellent research. Our researchers will present their system designs in overview talks followed by the presentation of hardware. As these new optical systems and demonstrators comprise a number of individual competences, posters will complete the table presentations.

It is our definite goal to sustain our research efforts beyond the scope of the program, which is why we invite project partners and industrial R&D to join us on March 5.



Shakehands with Industry, July 9-10, 2014, University of Freiburg

shakehands_bildBefore entering a new life phase, the program's graduate students were given the opportunity to meet represantatives of various comapnies' R&D departments. In this final graduate workshop, they could present their work and shake hands with people who know about the transfer from academic to industrial research.

We were happy to welcome representatives of SICK Ltd. (D), Testo (D), Endress + Hauser (CH), Micronas and Z-Laser.




Annual Meeting 2013 in cooperation with the Optical Microsystems Network, Jena, September 18-10, 2013 at TU Ilmenau

In order to combine their efforts in microsystems engineering, two major German research clusters were joining forces.  

We were particularly pleased to welcome  Professor Dr. Hugo Thienpont from Vrije Universiteit Bruxelles who gave a keynote lecture on "Bringing micro-optics from academia to industry" thus sketching the new strategy of international research in micro-optics.  

Apart from papers and hardware exhibits, the meeting focused on discussing the future of micro-optics research. Central element of the gathering was an open space debate to develop new strategies for the cooperation between research and industry.

>> more

Graduate Meeting, April 17-19, 2013

karl ziemelisPublish or perish was the theme of our graduate meeting in April dealing with the intricate details of scientific publishing. The get together was designed to provide help and guidance with scientific writing and publishing. Karl ZIemelis, Chief Physical Sciences Editor of NATURE was as our guest speaker. He gave a very vivid talk on how to get published at Nature. >> More


Panel Discussion "The Future of Academic Publishing", April 17, 2013

panel ralf krauterAcademic publishing is shifting from printed paper to purely electronic forms, such that Open Access is taking on a new and overriding significance. Although many academics support Open Access, many questions remain: Should impact factor have become a measure for scientific quality? Does "publish or perish" define our careers? How may scientific fraud be uncovered before it is published? And, not least, who should pay for our publications? Publishers, universities and funders all feel the pressure, and all feel exploited. The complexity of this debate was discussed by Professor Schiewer,  Rector of Freiburg University,  Angelika Lex, Vice President Academic Relations of Elsevier (Amsterdam) Dr. Johannes Fournier, Scientific Library Services and Information Systems Division at the German Research Foundation Bonn) and Karl Ziemelis, Chief Physical Sciences Editor, Nature (London). Host of the evening was Ralf Krauter, Science Reporter from Deutschlandfunk Radio.




Annual Meeting 2012, October 17/ 18, 2012

This year, we werecordially invited by our partners at Dresden to hold our meeting in the rooms of Fraunhofer IKTS. Apart from our natural interest in science and the great facilities of Dresden as a research centre in Germany, we made sure that the extraordinary cultural sites found space in our agenda. >> More

At eye level with the mantis shrimp


Where is the connection between the eyes of the mantis shrimp and microsystems engineering? Scientists of the department of microsystems engineering will try and answer this question on site on Monday July, 30 July 2012 between 4 and 5 pm at
Zoo Burkart, Lörracher Str. 14, 79115 Freiburg.

The intricately fabulous optics of the shrimp's eyes will be illustrated with the help of some experiments. We would enjoy seeing you there. >> More (in German)


Kick Off Meeting, Februar 2012

The Kick Off meeting took place at the Fraunhofer Institut für Silikatforschung ISC in Würzburg. >> More


Final Meeting Phase 1, Juli 2011

Concluding first phase of the priority program, the members came together one last time to present their results and discuss further research strategies for the second phase. >> More

Excursion to JENA, City of Light, March 2011

Carl Zeiss, Ernst Abbe and Otto Schott were constantly with us in Jena. After all, it is on their legacy that the optical industry has grown and flourished. Their impact to the city's social life and industrial development was not only well presented in Jena's Optical Museum, it was apparent in the city's infrastructure and was referred to in every presentation of the various companies' histories.

The PhD students received a warm welcome by Carl Zeiss and Jenoptik Optical Systems INC., the global players in the field  of optics, as well as smaller companies like GrinTech and Optics Balzers. Naturally, we also visited our partner Fraunhofer IOF, one of the leading R&D research institutions for applied optics in Germany.

 >> More



Annual Meeting, October 2010 

The Second Annual Meeting invited the members of the priority program to present their results not only by means of a talk but also of hardware. 

The various exhibits offered hands-on insights into the various groups' research and sparked many an animated discussion centering on lab processes, minuaturisation, data analysis and compatibility with other groups. See the picture gallery for impressions of the day.   >> More


Graduate Meeting, November 2009

In November 2009, the PhD candidates of the Priority Program Active Micro-optics  gathered in Freiburg for a more informal exchange of ideas and discussion.

The meeting provided a networkig platform for exchange between the PhD candiates themselves as well as giving them the opportunity to discuss micro-optics research with representatives of international companies, like Varioptic (France), Optotune (Switzerland), Zeiss (Germany) und Microchemicals (Germany)
The poster sessions sparked many a discussion on micro-optics research and gave insight into the variety of topics within the Priority Program.

The excursion to the solar telescope on Schauinsland, kindly provided by Kiepenheuer Institute of Solar Physics ,  linked the micro and the macro worlds of optics research. >> More

Annual Meeting, October 2009

The first annual meeting took place in Freiburg. 


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