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Excursion 2011

March, 15-17, 2011 to Jena (Germany) the so-called "City of Light"

Carl Zeiss, Ernst Abbe and Otto Schott were constantly with us in Jena. After all, it is on their legacy that the optical industry has grown and flourished. Their impact to the city's social life and industrial development was not only well presented in Jena's Optical Museum, it was apparent in the city's infrastructure and was referred to in every presentation of the various companies' histories.

The PhD students received a warm welcome by Carl Zeiss and Jenoptik Optical Systems INC., the global players in the field  of optics, as well as smaller companies like GrinTech and Optics Balzers. Naturally, we also visited our partner Fraunhofer IOF, one of the leading R&D research institutions for applied optics in Germany.

We would like to take the opportunity and thank the companies for their hospitality. 


  • "Presentation of optical design ... perfectly tailored towards the audience." "Sensational" (Jenoptics Optical Systems Inc.)
  • "Presentation of production lines very impressive"  (Carl Zeiss AG)
  • "Presentation of array projector ... great, not least because of its application potential" (Fraunhofer IOF)
  • "All our questions were answered with great care and detail." (GrinTech)
  • "It was great to talk to someone who started his own business ... very interesting." (Optics Balzers)
  • "Great excursion, which provided a good overview over possible employers. From big to small, it covered the whole spectrum."
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