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Habilitation Dr. Wolfgang Mönch

Final Academic Qualification for Full Professorship


wolfgang mönch
We congratulate Dr. Wolfgang Mönch to the successful completion of his habilitation, an essential step towards becoming a full professor in the German university system.

Dr. Mönch's habilitation thesis is called Soft Matter Micro-optics.

Mönch thoroughly investigates the use of soft matter for the development of novel tuning concepts for optical microsystems. He shows that soft matter enhances the tunability of optical microsystems and facilitates the fabrication of optical components; this might also trigger new manufacturing techniques in microsystems engineering. The book provides an in-depth analysis of material that is well suited for tunable micro-optics, e.g. liquids and polymers, as well as tuning techniques, such as structural wetting, electro-wetting and polymer swelling.

The book is presently revised for publication.

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