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Slide Focus System

Elastic and Active Slide Focus System


This project works on the development of an adaptive membrane lens system made of silicone (PDMS), which operates in a focal range of 10-1000 mm. The aperture of these lenses is 2 – 10 mm wide, and the piezo-electric pump actuator is integrated into the system.


eagle strahlengang

Path of rays in an adaptive membrane lens system with integrated piezo actuator.
At the department of microsystems engineering at Freiburg University, the laboratories of micro actuators and simulation work together on the optimization of such a system. Their work focuses on the improvement of the optical quality of the lens and the performance of the pump actuator.
In order to optimize topology and shape, the project team employs innovative methods, combining theoretical possibility and practical feasibility. Beside the integration of the actuator into the system, the focus lies on improving the lens membranes as such (thickness: 50 – 500 µm). The thickness of the entire membrane layer is thereby inhomogenous. Primarily, the new mathematical methods for the optimization of the membrane’s topology are meant to improve its mechanical and, in effect, its optical properties.
Owing to the system’s compactness and the wide aperture of the lens, these components are suitable for barcode scanners or microscopes. The lenses are manufactured exclusively with industrial low cost methods. 


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Recent Publication


J. Draheim, F. Schneider, T. Burger, R. Kamberger, U. Wallrabe, International Conference on Optical MEMS & Nanophotonics, Sapporo, Japan, 2010: 15-16. 


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