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Active Micro-optics for Precise Polarization

This project investigates novel active micro-optical components for the spatially resolved tuning of the polarization of incident light. Core of these components is an optically active material (e.g. a polymer) in the red spectral range, which is activated by a highly compact lighting module.

amipola demonstrator

This module consists of several individually tunable light sources based on laser diodes (VCSELs) with monolithic integrated beam shaping optics. Each light source generates a characteristic pattern of variable intensity to which the optically active polymer is exposed.

The exposure to the pattern changes the birefringence of the optically tunable layer. This is a reversible process, which is to say that the double refractive pattern can be deleted and the process resumed. As a result, it is possible to establish an active optical polarization device with which to change the polarization of light actively (through the lighting module) and gain a highly resolved image free of pixels.

The findings will also be made available to other groups within the Priority Program. This includes the use of optically tunable polymers as well as the micro-optic lighting components, which can be used in general for optical actuation.

The components described here can be applied in material analysis (stress analysis and phase shift measurement), in optical sensor technology and material machining (laser beam shaping), and in imaging systems (suppression of stray light).


Team Leaders

Professor Peter Michler
Stuttgart University
Institut für Halbleiteroptik und Funktionelle Grenzflächen

email:  peter.michler@ihfg.uni-stuttgart.de

Professor Wolfgang Osten
Stuttgart University
Institut für Technische Optik

email: osten@ito.uni-stuttgart.de

Associate Professor Joachim Stumpe
Potsdam University/ Department of Chemistry
Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research
email: joachim.stumpe@iap.fraunhofer.de


Most Recent Publication
Room-temperature lasing of electrically pumped red-emitting InP/(Al0.20Ga0.80)0.52In0.49P quantum dots embedded in a vertical microcavity 

M. Eichfelder, W.-M. Schulz, M. Reischle, M. Wiesner, R. Roßbach, M. Jetter, P. Michler Applied Physics Letters95, 131107 (2009)


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